Session (retainer) Fees and Further Information

By visiting this page, you're likely in search for the right photographer for you and your family. With numerous talented photographers in a saturated industry, you have many to choose from! Whoever you entrust to capture your loved ones, know that you're doing a wonderful thing! Our memories fade, our bodies age, but the gift of being able to look back at a specific moment in time and not just see the love, joy, or hurt in that moment, but to truly feel it over and over again is such a treasure. To grow up and see that beautiful portrait of mom and dad embracing makes an impact on your little one's heart. The carefully framed family portrait becomes engraved in the minds to all who walk by it each and every day. The gift of a framed print on dad's desk at work turns into the encouragement he needs to get through each day and make it back home to his loved ones.

Images are powerful. Images are special and important. I greatly believe in tangibly enjoying photos each and every day instead of letting the files solely sit on a flash drive or compressed onto a facebook album. Technology changes, advances, and fails over time.

This is why I have chosen to be a full service photographer and help my clients from beginning to end. From a pre-consultation meeting, to the personalized session and the ordering appointment, to the dropping off of your purchased artwork, I do it all! From the beautiful images that YOU helped create, you're left with professional and archival quality artwork to be enjoyed by you, your loved ones, and even the generations to follow.

So, how does this all work, you ask?

Session retainer fees are paid at time of booking and are non-refundable. Session Retainer fee helps cover photographer's time, talent, and expertise. Prints, products, and digitals are sold separately following each session at the ordering appointment. Upon payment of your session retainer fee and the signing of your client contract, your portrait session is reserved for you and only you!

The total amount paid for your session fee will be subtracted from whichever package or collection you choose at your in-person ordering appointment.

At your ordering appointment, you'll get to decide which images you'd like to order and in which format you'd like to enjoy them. With samples in hand, you'll feel confident in your order and excited to receive YOUR keepsakes.

I offer packages to include wall art groupings (framed prints, canvas, or metals) and more, all inclusive packages (which include more digitals and a few prints), as well as an A-La-Carte menu. A-La-Carte menu prints begin at $15.

Couples & Families- $100


Couples & Families -$100

Whether you'd just like a few updated family photos or want to fill a wall with memories, documenting families and couples is a true passion of mine. If more than five people in a family, I charge an additional $15/person. Family sessions typically take place locally, but if travel is requested, I am happy to accommodate for travel fee of $30 per hour of additional travel (one way) outside of Fairfield/Vacaville area.

Portrait (i.e.-child, maternity)- $75


Portrait Session (i.e.- child, maternity, headshots, etc)- $75

Indoor studio or outdoor options available. Few props available for child/infant portrait sessions. All will be discussed and planned at pre-consultation meeting!

Newborn- $135

Newborn- $135

As a Mom/Baby Registered Nurse, I sure love photographing moms and babies! With safety being my number one priority, I patiently work with babe to achieve both posed and un-posed images. I aim for a clean, simple, and timeless look by using few props and instead focusing on baby's sweet features.

Newborn sessions typically take place in my in-home studio space. I do my best to make this a relaxing and calm environment for both mom and babe (dads too!). Light refreshments, a cozy seating and feeding/nursing area, and wardrobe options for mother/baby shots are provided. I meet with moms/dads prior to delivery to plan for and discuss how the session will go.