Six months here

This week marks 6 months living in the UK and just 4 months in our home. We’ve already had the opportunity to travel many places and see some incredible things. We love our home and little town. Mostly, I love how being so far removed from all things familiar has turned our attention, hearts, and time inward on our own family and upward to who has given us such a gift. After many years of schooling and training for Andrew, this time and opportunity is much needed and so very appreciated.

Much about living in the UK is similar as in the states but there are also SO many differences. My day-to-day flow looks much different than it did in the prior few years. We are home. We are walking everywhere. We are cooking everything. I’m finding great joy in being a homemaker and “owning” my title as such with gratefulness. Truthfully, it’s taking every bit of my time, attention, energy, and self to do so. Three young kiddos with little to no local support network is challenging! But we are finding ourselves more deeply in this season as we simply DO life. Cleaning, cooking, weekly walking into town on market days for many of our fresh foods, walking children to and from school, hand-washing and drying dishes (EDIT- we finally just got a dishwasher… halleluia!) , often line-drying clothes (our dryer takes 3-4 hours… on nice days, line drying is just more efficient), and finding every opportunity to guide and teach the children in many areas of life is indeed so life-giving.

We’ve been enjoying our day-by-day bible reading, our castle building, our coloring and creating, home-learning, crafts, our fiddling with guitars, dance parties, baking together, and most of all- adventure days!

There is such a vast array of adventure spots; it is unreal. You could never be “bored” here. Never. History surrounds us on every corner. Incredible architecture stands in every direction. The routine to life I’ve so longed for that residency did not allow for has nearly found us. We are almost there. We’ve mostly now become used to the Monday-Friday work-week and flow that Andrew now has. What a gift!!! I had no idea the difference that would make in our family, but it does. It’s incredible and so much more manageable for me to get through the week with a more positive attitude when I know he’ll be with us over the weekend before we start the week over again.

School for our oldest has been the absolute best blessing. We’ve always known she needed more. Those who know her, know. She’s just more. Perhaps this is yet another way God has paved the way for us to be here. Full time school at the age of just barely 4 when she started is a gift to us and to her. As far as we know and can tell, she’s thriving and learning an incredible amount. Best of all, she loves school.

She’s reading, she’s creating, she’s enjoying learning. It’s amazing to watch. She’s still our ever-so-passionate, energy-filled, wild little girl and I presume will always be. It’s a full time job fostering her little heart, mind, and soul in the right direction. But what a joy to watch her succeed and to give her these opportunities.

Our son has really blossomed in the past 6 months. He was hardly talking when we moved here and now will hardly stop. It’s marvelous. He has a great imagination and loves telling stories, singing, playing trains, helping others, and is still just as obsessed with his baby sister. He’s learning to be such a gentleman and he’s my best tea drinker of the bunch. He’s truly something special.

Little Rosie is sweet as ever. She may not be a great night sleeper, but I can’t complain as she’s just incredible in every other way. She’s really brought such joy to our home and we all smile more because of her.