Our Hop Across the Pond

What a crazy few months it has been. From having baby #3, receiving a last minute change of assignment for Andrew, to moving to a new country.... we are now just beginning to see what real life will look like. This bizarre, awesome, stressful, and amazing adventure to a new chapter in our family's life is much under way. Having been here (In England!!!!) for about 6 weeks we can just now begin to breathe a bit easier.

I will never forget the few minutes surrounding us getting out of our beloved mini van at the San Francisco airport preparing to hop across the pond. Children in matching jammies and all. The weeks leading up to our departure were pure chaos. I was over the top exhausted and here we were unloading our three tiny children (at that time, aged almost 3 months, 2, and 3) and the seemingly ridiculous amount of luggage, car seats, and strollers we thought we’d need in the coming 3-4 months until our household goods arrived. Eight pieces. Eight pieces of checked baggage. We were allotted up to 5 per person (that would be 25 for our family!!- yikes).

The only thing I could utter in my mind during those insane few minutes was, “what the ***heck are we doing!!??!?”

Tears filled my eyes but there was no time for that. No time at all. There had been no time for that since the moment I received the call about the quick change of plans (we were all prepared to move to Florida instead). And so, I swallowed the tears. Swallowed the harsh words that were in the forefront of my mind, and I grabbed tight to my children’s hands. That’s what they needed. That’s what I needed. We ARE doing this. We ARE moving across the world with three tiny humans alongside. We DON’T have a home to move into. We WON’T have a home for who knows how long. We have NO idea what we are doing. But we have each other. We have orders in hand. I have a job to do. I must literally keep calm and press on. And I did. Because I had (& have) something even greater. I had peace. Overwhelming peace.

In the midst of complete craziness and the whirlwind of logistics and arrangements and tearful see-you-laters, I had a peace that could only come from the Lord. When fear would creep in (as in that moment arriving at the airport), I was re-directed and overcome with the calming presence of the holy spirit.

So, we are here. We are learning. We are adjusting. We are finally getting a bit more sleep. We are exploring. We are together. And we are leaning on the grace of God and counting this chapter a gift. It must be. It has to be. And being here, I see that it truly is.