Rose Emaline has arrived

Baby sister arrived April 18th at 3:18pm.

We named her Rose Emaline (aka- Rosie).

As I write this, she's almost three weeks old and has thus far proven herself to be our calmest, most content babe yet. You have no idea how thankful that makes me. The Lord knew I needed a bit of a different temperament of little one this go around. Her puffy cheeks that she was born with are already long gone at this point but may come back as she continues to grow and gain. We think she's just beautiful and are all smitten with her!

We are so in love with this little lady. And, yes... I'll be sharing her birth story next! I'm so glad we hired a birth photographer to capture Rosie's birthday. It was quite the special day! Stay tuned for the next post with her birth story and images (at least a few of them that are appropriate enough to share that is).