Snow outing

I'm far behind in updating this space with our family's memories. Before we get too far ahead, I want to be sure to share this beautiful, special day as a family of four. We've not been able to take full advantage of all our area offers with Andrew's work schedule these past nearly 3 years. However, with a large snow storm that hit the Lake Tahoe area, we rushed at the chance to take the kids up for a day in the white, magical powder.

It's probably been 6 weeks since this outing and the kids are still talking about it! Oh, we simply had a blast. And, we've since found out about our new assignment location- which will most definitely not include snow. This makes our snow adventure even more special. Who knows when they'll get to experience it again.

We've certainly found the most joy and fun in the simplest of outings as long as they include nature and being outdoors. This theme seems to ring true with each passing month. We don't need anything too fancy- just some open space and each other! and..... a good iced coffee for the drive :)