Christmas 2017

2018 comes with much anticipation and welcome. I look forward to much about this year. But first, a bit from our Christmas time with my side of the family in Texas:

I am grateful to have been with my family for this sacred time of celebrating Christ's birth. Seeing the cousins play together and get to know each other better was truly a gift in itself. Though the day-to-day was a bit crazy with five children four years old and under, I'm glad we had these days. What a blessing for even Andrew to get to fly down and join us just before Christmas! We didn't do much- in fact, the majority of our time in Texas was spent feeling quite sick and we were quite literally just surviving through each day. But that's ok. We returned to California with a fresh slate, boosted immune systems, an appreciation for each other, and a heart reminded of who we live for and serve each day.

Hey there, 2018. I'm so very glad to see you....