Bonnie Grace // three years old

You at three.

Bonnie girl, you're truly an incredible little gal. You love sitting on the counter "helping" cook. You can dance all day long, every day, and never tire. Your laughter is contagious. You're quick to learn new skills (especially if they have to do with physical things such as dancing, jumping, twirling...). You stay with mom and dad during praise time at church and either cuddle in close while we sing, dance in the aisle, or raise your arms , close your eyes and sing your heart out (when you know the song!). This brings tears to my eyes. Happy tears.

For you are fearfully and wonderfully made. You challenge me each and every day in both the hardest ways and most important ways. You challenge me to be patient, to stop all I am doing and dance with you or explain something to you. You are kind to others and love giving to others.

My, oh my, are you full of energy. The park is your palace. No structure too high or too scary. You can conquer them all. You are fast; you are determined; you are strong-willed as they come. These attributes will serve you well, my dear. In time. You are blossoming before our eyes. You love your brother something fierce and he loves you too. His kisses calm you. He looks up to you so much.

I'm grateful for these years at home with you. Though challenging at times, through mothering you, I see the grace and goodness of the Lord. Oh how he loves us. How incredible that Christ laid down his life for me and for you. What an amazing example of unconditional love Christ gives us. We love you and we are beyond thankful to have you as our daughter. I hope you never doubt how much you are adored.

Go move mountains my love. Go play, twirl, sing, and jump your heart out.