Shoot every day

I'm taking a few moments to break from processing, editing, and organizing images from an amazing community Easter Event this past weekend at Busy Bodies Playhouse. If you're a local (Vacaville/ Fairfield area) and have littles, go check it out!


When others ask me how they can get better at photography, I usually begin some sort of word vomit and make statements in every different direction. Because there is SO MUCH to learn and SO MANY different avenues to take. Not to mention, a bazillion different styles.

But, I regain composure and I finally end on my biggest and most important piece of advice: Just shoot! Shoot every day! Shoot every single week. Shoot and learn. Learn by trial and error. Leave your camera OUT. It's perhaps a miracle that my camera has yet to endure any significant damage seeing as it literally has no home. It hops from counter to couch to end table to coffee table... to dresser to stroller and so on.  Out of sight, out of mind, right? Well, keep that camera in sight! And use it! Out of 100 images, 10 might be keepers. This is normal and all part of the art (& wonder of being able to shoot digital).

When we drove into the garage and I saw that little Abram had fallen asleep in his car seat, I ran in to grab my camera, this little bed prop, and a quilt. I've had my eye on the front bed of weeds for a few days and have held off on pulling them... Granted I knew my luck at keeping him asleep was slim... but I went ahead and plopped him down to see what we could get.

That smile and those eyes are everything. My soon to be one year old... how I'll look back at your precious face and treasure each and every image.

Now, go. Get that camera out and shoot. Enjoy it. Use your cell phone for practice with composition and angles. Use the amazing tools we have today to learn more when you have time. Hello, google and you-tube! Most of all- if you want to truly get good at something, it takes time, effort, and yes... some money too. But, mostly time! Take a work shop. It's an invaluable and perhaps essential investment if you really want to learn.

My photography journey began over ten years ago but I've just finally been able to invest my time and efforts into the art over the past year and a half or so. To those just starting out- keep at it and keep practicing! I learn something new every day. Literally, every single day.