Mombie mode

I'm taking a break from editing client's shoots and editing a few from a family outing of ours last weekend. It's been far too long since I've taken, let alone done anything with, photos of my own children.


A simple walk around Berkely as a family did us good. Bon was in heaven playing and jumping around on the "concrete playground." I sat in the sun rays and nursed Abram while Andrew and Bon checked out the "skeleton museum." I need to do more museum outings with Bonnie. She loves them. I'd love to take her to an art museum soon and see all she has to say about various paintings. This girl of ours is something else...

She's quite incredible. Incredibly intelligent, incredibly kind, incredibly energy filled and athletic, all the while, incredibly toddler. I honestly forget that she's just barely two most of the time because her little mind seems much older. She told me today that 'the bathroom rug is blue like the sky without clouds.... A "soleado" sky. Not "nubleado" sky.' (Soleado=sunny in spanish, Nubleado=cloudy). We hadn't talked about weather in days. She also knows my coffee order.... And corrects me if I order something different. Seriously- she's something else...

When we are midst disciplining, or midst a 10 minute stand off in the grocery store parking lot because she won't sit in her car seat (sorry to whoever witnessed that today, ugh), it all comes back to me... Oh yes, she's very much a testy toddler.

We are in behavior boot-camp mode over here and it's exhausting. I'm a full on mombie (mom zombie)..... In fact- I stayed the night in a hotel last weekend ALL BY MYSELF to get real rest because I was starting to fall apart (thank you to my in-laws for that bday gift). So- here's me being real. This mom job is crazy hard. Crazy exhausting. Crazy rewarding. And just plain crazy. And/or, maybe my kiddo is just extra crazy?!

Abram is sweet as pie. Like, delicious, oozing over, smile right back at you apple pie. He's a doll. He's just the best and we adore him. I'm trying to soak up this baby stage before it vanishes but my oh my time is moving too fast.

I find that in these past few weeks, I must have praise music playing throughout the day. I NEED constant reminders that I can do this. I need constant reminders of who and where I draw my strength from. I'm so grateful to be a mother even though it's so very draining right now.

I adore my family. I love my children. Thank you Lord- continue showing me the wonder in Bonnie's eyes. Keep showing me her love and excitement for all things. Keep sustaining me to gently care for her and show her your light.


PS- my camera body needed repairs that were not worth the cost.... SO, I upgraded! AND I'm in love. And now I just need a gazillion more photoshoots to pay it off........   :)