Fresh 48 Session: Baby girl Annalise



Those first few hours and days after birth are everything from precious to exhausting. You are usually physically and emotionally exhausted. Daddy is too. The care of medical professionals: a cocoon of help and security before you sprout your wings and fly away on your own. Those hours are spent looking this new life over from the top of a perfect little noggin to the tips of darling wrinkly toes. Skin to skin, breathing in the sweet freshness of new life- you and babe learn the dance of nursing and sleeping. Cheek to cheek, nose to nose, your baby has arrived. You did it Mama. And you did it well.

Your family comes to meet your precious little one. Her tiny body in Daddy's ginormous hands....You snap a mental picture of his face when looking at hers. You are anxious about big brother/sister's reaction but can't wait to see your babies together at last. What a gift.

These moments are ones to remember. Moments to look back on with tears of gratitude. Every detail precious and important...


May you look back on these first hours with your daughter fondly. May these images help you never forget the love and bond you share even from your first moments together. Congratulations new family of four.  Precious baby girl, you are so very loved. May you never forget it.