Abram Roy // father & son

I always liked the name Abram. We originally had another name chosen for this sweet boy, but shortly before his birth, we changed our minds. The fact that Abram is a family name from Andrew's side especially seemed to speak to Andrew. Abram, meaning exalted father (Abram later became Abraham in the bible), feels like a strong name; a generous name. The men whom both Andrew and I Iove and highly respect all have one thing in common. They all are generous and father figures to many. We want this for our Abram. We pray he will be a wise, strong, and generous man- one who others look up to, one who provides for and cares for many with generosity and gentleness. 

What better middle name for our son than the name of his paternal grandfather, Roy (Andrew's dad). Roy is perhaps one of the kindest men we know. Though Andrew isn't always the best at sharing his feelings with others- he loves and adores his Dad. He has such great respect for his Dad. In the hospital, when deciding on our baby's middle name, I left the decision up to Andrew. We were once again between 2 options. Ultimately, Andrew said something along the lines of, "I never tell my dad how much I appreciate and love him. What better way to honor my dad than to name Abram after him." That sealed the deal and Abram Roy it was. I don't think that Roy ever missed a soccer game, event, play, track meet, or choir concert of Andrew's. I even remember being jealous of Andrew's school lunches in high school because they were always so well packed, and though simple, complete with every food group (packed by his Dad). Roy is the ultimate mister fix-it. He is hard working and most of all, has a heart of gold and such a gentleness about him. We pray that Abram has these wonderful qualities as well.

The fact that Abram looks like Andrew's side is just the cherry on top!


... because I couldn't decide between black & white or color... here are some photos of both!