Our growing family // 37 weeks

Here we are at just about 37 weeks (term!) and our dear baby boy could be here any day. Though he could surprise us and come before his due date, the next two week's focus will primarily be on moving into another home and hopefully getting somewhat settled before he arrives. Great timing right?

We are kind of in a "we'll cross that bridge when we get there" mode while I try my best to nest and prepare without a physical space to do so quite yet. The nesting bug is sure strong right now and I feel like babe is dropping lower and lower with each day (I normally carry very high).

Sweet baby boy, I'm not quite sure how to be a mother to two children yet. I'm not sure how you'll fit into our family or how your personality will liven our three. But, I do know that you were meant to be and specially placed by the Lord into our family. You are wanted, you are adored and cherished, every piece of you is a gift. We can't wait to meet you. I can't wait to hold you in my arms and look into your squinty newborn eyes. As I write these words, tears well up at the thought of being a mother to a son and holding you. I can't wait to see how you react to Bonnie's voice as you might know hers best and I can't wait to discover just who you are.

Baby boy, stick with us as we learn. Stick with me as I juggle two babes and figure out this new life. Sweet boy, I pray you are gracious at heart, bold, strong, kind spirited, inquisitive, and driven. I pray you will come to know and love the Lord at a young age. I pray you will obey Him and long to be more like Christ. I pray that Andrew and I will guide you in a personal and loving way- unique from your sister-. There are many unknowns (as with any new addition), but we know we love you. We know you will bring more joy to our family. And we know that we'll get to meet you very soon!

I love you with my whole heart, my boy.

// Andrew took a few minutes to snap these photos for me. Thanks babe! //