Love is Kind

Truth be told, I'm getting nervous about being a mom of two little ones so close together! I know it can and will be done but that doesn't mean I'm not a bit nervous about it! Part of me is hoping this little boy of ours has a calm, go with the flow temperament. Bonnie seemed to be busy from the get go and was never truly content with just sitting in momma's lap. We always needed to be doing something, looking at something, talking, singing... etc. Though she likes her snuggles, they are very short lived and quick. Baby boy, oh how I hope you're my little cuddle bug! Is it terrible to hope that!?

From time to time, Andrew & I talk about how it might be with two babies and how Bonnie may handle it. I was making dinner in the kitchen on Andrew's day off as he was playing with Bonnie. One of us suggested Bon go rock her baby doll night night. Off she went for a good 20+ minutes playing mama to her baby doll. It literally brought tears to my eyes watching her so lovingly care for a fake little person. From rocking, to covering with a blanket, to rubbing baby's back, it warmed my soul. It was in those 20 minutes as we just looked on to her solo play that I felt as though all was going to be just fine. Yes, we'll have hard days, weeks, maybe months. But, if we keep living our days in kindness and showing our daughter what kindness looks like, I think we'll be okay. That really has seemed to become our family motto. "Love is patient, Love is kind." I need to get video of Bonnie reciting that verse. But its truth resounds. Everything seems to come back to "is that a kind thing to do?" and reminders that "love is patient." Before dropping her off at nursery/child-care (for church/biblestudy, etc) or any time we will be around others, we consistently talk about kindness and what that looks like.

On one of our especially difficult days last week (molar teething= the pits!), Andrew got home in time for bed routine and had a sweet but serious talk with Bon. He asked if she was kind to Mommy that day. After a pause, Bonnie shyly answered, "No." She meant it. The following day, when Daddy came home (without prompting), she proudly reported "Bonnie Kind {to} Mama." And she was.  All of this to say, we may not be doing very much right, but as long as we continue to focus on the basic truth that Love is kind, I think we're on the right track.