Easiest keepsake!

Since Bonnie was in the womb, she has had her own hashtag. This was mostly 100% in order to make easy photo-albums in the future. Yes, that's right. It wasn't to annoy the crazies out of on-lookers, but for my convenience!

I finally ordered her whole life's albums in chatbooks and signed up for the auto-delivery of each new book once the total number of pages is reached. For $8/book of 60 instagram photos, it's far worth it to me! Such a happy mail day when we received these!!

Anyways, each morning this week, Bonnie has been thoroughly entertained as I get ready for the day by reading her "bonnie picture books." I absolutely love looking through the books that include dates and captions (you can change settings) and remembering each of those moments. I still am a big fan of high quality prints, but sure love these keepsakes. Baby boy will have his own of course! And, perhaps, we'll need to start a family hashtag! Whew, the possibilities are endless.

I wanted to share my code with you to get your first book for free! LXV3VRZR. Head on over to http://chatbooks.com/ to start your collection or use their App (this is how I do it so easily!). Enjoy! You can thank me later :)