Getting outside with this girl is a must and our days stuck inside are few. It's been rainy for over a week here in northern California. What a gift this has been as we so desperately need the replenishment. I sure hope it helps the green stick around a tad bit longer than last year. That being said, it has meant that I've had to be more creative about our daily activities. We took advantage of a break in the rain a few days ago, pulled on our rain boots, and trotted over to the closest wildflower field...

We ended up getting quite muddy and certainly didn't stay too long. What is it about getting outdoors, even for just a few minutes, that brightens the soul? Since that outing, she's been asking to go on a rain-boot-walk each day. I have obliged and enjoyed it just as much.

Seeing the world through her eyes is so beautiful. I hope she never loses the eyes to see and ears to hear the beauty that surrounds her.

"The grass withers, the flower fades, But the word of our God stands forever." Isaiah 40:8