The best // Family Vacation

With a week of leave for the Mister, we packed our bags and headed to the beach for a family vacation. This was technically our first real family trip besides a one nighter when Bon was a babe and I can't believe it's taken us this long! We contemplated going back up to Oregon for the week, but I'm so glad we stuck around closer to home and made some special memories as a family of 3 (soon to be 4!).

A two and a half hour drive took us to Monterey Bay/ Carmel by the Sea. What a lovely place. Keeping things economical in a pricey area, we stayed at an army base in town. This was a brilliant idea of Andrew's and something we'll have to keep in mind for future vacations or trips.

All together, we spent two nights and three days in the area and simply had a blast. We found the beach in Carmel (off Ocean street) to be the most Bonnie-friendly. The other two beaches we tried had a steep drop-off and simply weren't safe to be in the water at all (though were still beautiful and fun of course). I had no idea how Bon would react to the ocean, but we've quite possibly never seen her so excited and happy. As Andrew so sweetly put it, "she just had so much joy out there. Pure joy. She didn't have a single worry in the world and was 100% present, taking it all in." I'd say that's spot on. Bonnie squealed with excitement with each wave and exclaimed, "big one! Yes, please!" asking for bigger and bigger waves. She continues to tell us about the "fun ocean, pretty ocean."

My favorite moment of all: There she stood, ankle deep in water, arms lifted high to the sky, singing her "god is so good" song. Nearly brought me to tears. Yes baby, God is so, so good.

All of these photos were from our time at Carmel Beach on day 1. We also enjoyed walking the little Montetey Bay and Carmel by the sea downtown areas, the Monterey Aquarium (Andrew-bonnie date), a hike along Point Lobos, and exploring a few more beachy areas. Except for one early wake up day (5am), Bonnie did a fantastic job sleeping and napping- what a relief! I'm just incredibly thankful for the time we could all be together. As Bonnie puts it: "Family date! Fun!"..... This was a trip to remember for sure!

{Bonnie= 18 months & 28 weeks pregnant with baby boy}