Non-essential "must haves" on my baby list

As baby boy's due date approaches, I find myself nesting and getting ready for his arrival. While he will be baby #2 for us and we have most of the essentials covered, there are still some items I have my eyes set on or have already gotten/been gifted that are completely non-essential but oh so lovely. Below are a few I thought I'd share!

Microsoft Word - favs.docx

1. Modern Burlap's muslin swaddles.  These all black & white printed muslin swaddles are so sweet and make me smile when looking at them. I love that the company offers many bible verse prints too!

2. The El Baby book. This is on my get list for sure. It appears to be the perfect baby book for what I'm looking for and has fantastic reviews. Can't wait to order one!

3. Milk Nursingwear Top. With the amount of time/months.... years... spent breastfeeding, I'm all about ease and comfort. Something I didn't invest in this time around is maternity clothes (hoping to make what I had with my last pregnancy last me through). So, this go around, I'm hoping to invest more in nursing-friendly clothes. Truth is, I spend far more months nursing than pregnant. Here's one top I have my eye on. 

4.  Milestone Baby Cards. I received these as a gift and am in love! I can't wait to take photos using these milestone cards and have them as a keepsake for baby's photo album or book. They are simply adorable and I can't wait to use them! 

5. Milk Nursingwear dress- Yet another dress I have my eyes on for nursing-comfort once baby is here.

6. Green Sprouts wooden rattle- We received this rattle for baby boy but with Bonnie's latest molar teething episodes, I let her try it out. She's been "teething/chewing" on it and loves it. I see no wear from her teething so far on the rattle and she loves to put it on as a bracelet. I'm a fan!

7. Milksnob Multi-functioning nursing & carseat cover- This is also on my must order soon list! I didn't really use a car seat cover with Bonnie mostly because I didn't like the one I had and it was so heavy/thick. This milksnob cover will be perfect for California's summer heat and will keep on-lookers/ touchers out. Not only that, but it provides 360 degree coverage when nursing. I ended up doing a lot more public nursing than I originally thought I would do. A little more coverage would certainly be nice if needed or if baby boy is a kicker/squirmer!

8. Silicone teething necklace- I used our teething necklace almost every day for many months with Bon when out and about. It made for the perfect addition when baby wearing to keep her occupied and happy. Now I have this addition to mix it up a bit!

9. Milk nursingwear top- Can you tell I love stripes and black/white/grey? Here's one more top I'm looking at getting for my breastfeeding friendly wardrobe.