keep leaning

Depending on what you call getting up, I officially got up (or rather didn't climb back into the comfort of my bed) at 5 this morning to try to squeeze a little bit of me time in before a full day. Without fail, every single time I try to get up early, these littles of mine seem to think it's time to get up for the day as well. It doesn't matter if it's 4am and I'm silent as a mouse, a certain little gal meets my early wake with knocking (if only it were actual knocking and not banging) on her door saying "it's morning mama!"

And so, I spend more of my "me time" convincing them it is still night time and getting them to go back to bed. By the time I'm done, get a shower, and the house is quiet again, it's time to actually start the day. So.... instead of getting anything grand accomplished during this morning's attempt, I was able to squeeze in a few minutes with my biblestudy work (I can't seem to ever fully finish the week's homework before women's bible-study day).

Even tough I'd much prefer to get up early, I think I'll stick to staying up far too late for me time instead because this just isn't working... Anyone else!?

So- here's to us moms who try to do it all, are constantly in search of balance, & are leaning on the Lord for immeasurable grace. Keep leaning my friends. He'll keep giving. Keep cherishing those gorgeous bright eyes your children open wayyyyy too early in the morning (or all night long)....

...and go enjoy that coffee!

May "grace and peace be yours in abundance through the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord." 2 Peter 1:2. 


<<Bonnie at 26 months- I'm loving her wavy curls these days. Abram at 5 months & sweet as ever>>