18 months// Bonnie Grace

Oh sweet Bonnie, you're currently in your crib jumping around and singing the snowman song from Frozen. I can't help but crack up and wonder what else you have floating around in that brain of yours. We now have a year and a half year old! ....

..... and now you're clapping for yourself? 

I'd miss so much without the monitor...  But now back to your 18 month update...

In the past six months, our little Bon has grown and changed so much. She continues to love reading more than almost anything. Hot topics include: airplanes, animals, and princesses or anything having to do with a snowman (i.e. Frozen). She also asks us to read her bible before every nap/sleep time these past few weeks & in addition loves dragons, trains, cars... you name it!

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas time, the little part of her brain responsible for words lit up like crazy and hasn't stopped since. I love it. After not calling me by name for so long (it made me so sad), she finally started saying mama (made me cry sweet tears when I first heard it) and is now putting the sweetest little sentences together. She is using less and less sign language but still uses some signs along with her words. She also so far understands most all of the spanish words we use but responds mostly in english (besides the word water- it may forever be "agua"). With her words has come a much greater ability to understand and follow directions (as well as deliberately disobey- oh, toddlerhood). It's just been amazing to see her little brain work and see her ability to communicate. So far, the most words together we've seen in a sentence is 4. She of course is starting to say more and more new things that we don't quite understand, but she repeats it until we say the right word and gets frustrated if/when we get it wrong. She sure is persistent and knows what she wants/likes.

We still struggle to get enough milk and oftentimes food in her but I think we're finally making progress as her weight has increased to a whopping 23 pounds and is on the rise. I think she has the metabolism & activity level of her daddy because goodness, this girl can eat so much and still wake up in the middle of the night in the biggest crocodile tears asking for food.

She's just a little babe but is sure turning into a great helper. She loves to "help" throughout the day. Her daily duties include moving the "high chair back" and forth for meals, "clean up" her toys, and helping empty the laundry & dish washer. Yes, sometimes it makes more work for mama, but helping is a great "game" and we go with it!

Perhaps one of the sweetest things is seeing her heart and love for praise music. My mom introduced her to some new toddler praise songs and dances and oh my goodness, I should count the number of times she asks for them throughout the day. When it comes to the dance motions for each song, she takes it quite seriously. Before meals and bedtimes, we have our prayer time and it's precious to see her drop everything, grab our hands, bow her head and listen to our prayers. She sometimes preemptively yells, "Amen" before we are done. She has most recently been coming up with things to "pray god" for including: "friends" and "airplanes."

Bonnie is generous with hugs and hellos. She still loves riding in the sling with mama and the ergo with daddy. She adores her daddy like none other and gives him the sweetest hugs and kisses. They have such a special bond. Favorite foods include: meatballs or sausage, tomatoes, cheerios, yogurt, blueberries, and peas. Most everything else is hit or miss.

Also, of late, she has started sitting or laying down next to myself or Andrew and just asking to talk: "Mama, Bonnie, talk." So, we do. She comes up with what she wants to talk about (usually animals, airplanes, moon & stars, or body parts "nose, mouth, heart, shoulders") and away we go. She has also started expressing her observations. For example: "Bonnie sit next mama." but "mama, big." Yes Bonnie, mama is getting bigger by the day and this baby bump is obviously not going un-noticed. Or, "sun bright" "big wind"... You get the picture. I love how aware she is.

Overall, our Bonnie Grace is engaged and involved in every bit of our day to day. She is incredibly observant, it's sometimes frightening. She also remembers everything! She's just a little sponge and seems to soak up everything.

We have our hard days too when she fights naps or refuses to eat.... or puts up a fight when sitting in the car seat, etc. She's strong-willed (in true first child fashion) yet still has an undeniable sweetness about her.

I could go on and on, but we simply love our little girl and can't wait to see her be a big sister! I'm sure we are in for a setback and some very difficult days, but we think she'll make one fantastic sis. Such a gift you are to us, sweet Bon. You'll always be our baby girl.