Around here

It's time for an "around here" update post!

First of all, a certain handsome fellow turns 27 tomorrow. Happy Birthday, my love! Now it's not as much of a stretch if you say you're close to 30 when your patients give you a hard time about looking so young! I'm on a mission to make him a cake. Wish me luck. I certainly don't have a great track record when it comes to baking cakes!

One rotation down, 11 to go in this often dreaded "intern year." Thankfully, Andrew's first rotation was the lightest one of the year giving us a bit extra time to get settled into our new home. Next up, surgery. Oh goody! At this point, I'm looking back thinking, we probably should have taken better advantage of weekends off and explored more.... Oh well. The traffic in and out of town has thus far intimidated us. When there's a baby involved, no one wants to spend numerous hours in a snail speed commute to the Bay area. We'll get there soon enough! Andrew's co-interns are all amazing; they are such a great team of men & women. He seems to genuinely enjoy each and every one of them. Someone did strong work selecting each one of them to be a part of the team. Ultimately, I'm loving seeing him finally do what he set out to do so many years ago. And, he's loving it! He wakes up happy and comes home happy. That makes me happy.

Our new home is a breath of fresh air. After living in a full of character 1920's home with a sad excuse for a kitchen.... boy, am I a happy woman. Don't get me wrong, we loved our home in Portland. But.... I have a kitchen folks! And, room for Bonnie to play! And a lovely little back yard.... & even a shared office/craft room with Andrew. I have visions of him working and me crafting late into the night. Some day!

I'm also incredibly thankful for a seemingly instant sense of community upon arriving here. A few of the other residents in Andrew's program (& some in another program) have lovely spouses and kiddos. We've enjoyed play dates and everyone has been overly kind in offering to watch Bonnie, etc. I look forward to more play dates and friendship with these lovely women and their littles as our hubbies work themselves silly at the hospital. There's something to be said of the Air Force community as well. Everyone is beyond kind, respectful, and generous thus far. It's quite lovely to experience and be a part of. 

Bonnie has sure been a trooper with so much change over the past many months. We've had hard days with each different move but I've learned to just fill every cell of my being with patience and things get better each day. Then there's teething. Poor babe. Tylenol has become quite a good friend of ours! And the outdoors. That always works. Ultimately though, Bonnie has seriously been amazing. I won't elaborate too much on a Bonnie update because her ONE YEAR birthday is this coming weekend (12 month post to follow)! How did that happen so fast!?!?

I'm anxious to get back to working a bit here and there. I guess I do miss it. I'm working on getting my California RN license but am in no rush to jump in on something if it's not the right fit. It's been so many years since I've had to look for jobs, have a current resume, interview, etc. Yikes! Ultimately, being a wife & mom come first. I think those jobs are resume worthy, right!?

It's warm here and our days have had to adjust accordingly. We normally get out & run an errand or two or get a workout in before Bon's first nap time (before 0930). In between naps, we either run more errands (that include A/C) or go to the splash pad or something fun like the library. Then we are often back outside in the evening time before bed. Though we've only been somewhat settled for a few weeks (& still have many boxes to unpack & home decorating to do), it feels so comfortable & right. I'm so happy to be in this place in life. In a home. With the two loves of my life. I can't tell you how many times I've told Andrew that I'm just very happy. And, thanked him for all of his hard work getting us to this point. What a privilege to be wife, mom, friend, and a part of an amazing group of men and women who serve this nation every day. Being a part of this military community sure helps put things into perspective.

Alright, I'm off to unpack more boxes...