Bonnie Grace // 11 months

What a month it has been! Five days after hitting her 10 month mark, Bonnie started independently walking. We knew she was close. She hasn't looked back since. About part way through the month, I realized that a few days had passed where I hadn't seen her crawl once. Her walking has come at the perfect time for us as she can now explore and fully enjoy summer activities like the splash pad and kiddy-pools! She follows me all around the house and I love to know that wherever I go, a little giggling goose is not far behind.

Bonnie is also really starting to connect the things/animals from her books and real life. We've enjoyed running simple errands or going on walks and pointing at things from her books. Speaking of pointing... she's mastered that. She points at everyone and everything.... I'm trying to get the message across that we can point at things, but not people. I bet you can guess how well that is going.

We moved from Oregon to California this past month. The transition time continues as we still await the arrival of our household goods. That has been a mess and a half, but I'm trying to go with the flow. So, in the meantime, Bonnie has an empty house to play in (which she loves by the way). Bonnie certainly seems to be enjoying her new surroundings. She is at such a fun age. I love watching all of her senses perk up and liven each time we go outside. She takes in the world around her in such a beautiful way. The wind, the birds chirping, the bright sun, the pink/orange colored sunset... She notices it all. And, I love that. She's most definitely my child.

Regarding food, some days, she'll eat anything and everything.  Other days, it's a bit of a battle. Because of this, I'm hesitant to drop any more nursing sessions (though maybe this would help her be more hungry to eat!.... we'll see). Her new favorite food this month is humus! She'll eat it by the spoonful if I let her. She also still loves her peas and maybe thinks they are a treat. We'll try to keep that going as long as possible!

Little babe hasn't been a great sleeper since our move and is up at least once per night. Sometimes more. She'll nurse for a while and then nearly lunge back in the direction of her bed. I'm hoping once in our home, we'll get back on track (we're living in an apartment on base for now. With others nearby, I don't feel good about letting her cry or fuss at night). It's hard to know that we are reinforcing bad habits, but she seems to be pretty adaptable and I think we can turn things around once settled again.

It's amazing to see how much she has learned in the past month. At home, she is doing a great job of listening and not touching things she isn't supposed to, etc. This encourages me to continue being consistent and setting those little boundaries. She has also become such a lovey, cuddly little thing (which is a bit of a change). She gives the sweetest kisses, cuddles, and hugs now. She kisses all of her stuffed animals... the characters in her books... it's quite sweet.

Since being on base this month, Bonnie has started pointing to all military personnel in uniform and saying, "Dada!" We get lots of funny looks and kind smiles. I simply respond by saying, "yes, daddy wears that uniform too, but that's not your daddy, is it." She sure adores her Dad. I love seeing their relationship grow.

Bonnie has continued to use sign language well. Someone stopped us in the airport in amazement and said he'd been watching us for a while (creepy?!). He thought it was so neat how she communicated with me. She's also started doing pretty well at making animal sounds: "Sssss" for snake, "Ooooo" for cow, "bock-a!" for chicken, and "twetwetwe" for bird. We'll take it! So fun watching her explore different noises. Except for a new screech noise. No thank you.

Wow, this has been a long post. I want to look back and remember what our little 11 month old Bonnie was like. But, I'll call this good. One more month, and we'll have a one year old on our hands! We sure adore you, little one. Thank you for bringing so much joy into our lives. We sure delight in being your mom and dad.

_____ Bonnie Monthly Facts_____

Wearing: 9-18 month clothes // Eating: Breast-milk + lots of food. However, isn't a huge fan of touching her food... // Playing: loves her books, playing at the splash pad + exploring on foot // Reading: Trading out books at the library each week. Anything with animals is a winner // New tricks: walking, more sign-words ("sleepy" is most recent)// Growth: seems to be growing. One more month until her 1-year check up //  Loving: walks + being outside. Also, her lambie.  // Sleep: not a great month with so much transition & new places. Up about once/night but still napping pretty well! // Not a fan: .... doesn't like being changed unless on her changing table.