Every day

**This post was written many weeks ago, living in my drafts...

Living on base (while we wait to move into our rental) has been a great experience. I hope that we get the opportunity to live on base at a future duty station. One of the nuances I hadn't prior been aware of is the playing of the reveille, retreat, and taps via a loud speaker system. The music calls for the attention of all present on base.

Each morning, airmen run by our kitchen window during their physical training. Most mornings, I happen to be standing in the kitchen around 0700 when the reveille is played. At the first note, they stop, turn toward the flag/music and stand at attention. Anywhere on base, one can see uniformed personnel doing the same, cars stopped along all roads, and civilians also standing at attention. The same holds true at 4:30pm when the retreat plays and the flag comes down for the day.

It's kind of a neat symbolic act that forces you to remember why you're here. What you're doing. Why you're doing it...

The day starts this way. The normal work day ends the same. And, at 10pm, Taps plays for lights out/quiet hours. The act of respectfully saluting and giving attention to the flag at least twice each day makes me consider and think about how much more-so I should be doing the same with my relationship with God. He wants me to walk each and every step with Him. He desires my time, my heart, my very being to acknowledge Him in all that I do. Sometimes, scratch that, often,  I consider it a challenge to do so each day and that makes me sad.

The creator of the Universe, the one who made me to delight in my surroundings, who intently knit my daughter together in my womb, who gave my husband a heart of gold, who continues to provide each and every day for us....  And I forget to acknowledge and abide in Him!?

Other words for abide may be to obey, follow, know, remain, uphold, respect. Just like the Airmen (& civilians) drop all they are doing to acknowledge the flag, I am challenged to act in such reverence to my Lord. And, sometimes that takes physically putting all I am doing aside to dive deep into the bible. Stopping, kneeling in "attention" to Him...

I know a wonderful, merciful, loving Lord. I am challenged to abide, respect, and acknowledge him, all the while teaching my daughter to do the same. 

"Abide in Me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself unless it abides in the vine, so neither can you unless you abide in Me." John 15:4