the new

Our drive down to California gave me time to have open eyes and an open mind. Andrew in one car and myself in the other... Bonnie back and forth between the two. I didn't have to change my country music station once! I also had time in the quiet to pray and cry out to the Lord. Sometimes it takes the quiet to do so. I asked Him to help me to see the new beauty. So much of me finds joy and happiness in my surroundings. Whether that be a tidy home, a wall covered in beautifully framed photographs, a perfectly plotted garden, waves crashing on the rocks, or the straight lines of a crop field...It's just the way God made me. I think this is why I love photography so much--- capturing beauty in a snapshot.... a forever keepsake... what a gift!

>>photos from a day trip out to San Reyes Point <<

Over the past many days in our new town, I've made mental note of "the new"....  I'm sure this list will grow with time.

Jack rabbits the new squirrels

Sun hats the new head bands

70 the new 60

Wind the new rain

Sun screen the new perfume

Sunflower fields the new grass seed fields

Palm tree the new evergreen

Rocks the new mulch

Blue sky the new cloudy

Brown (ahem, I mean 'golden') the new green

A walk to the splash pad the new walk to the park

"Where's home for you?" the new "hi, how are you."