I didn't think this day would ever come! I'm beyond proud of my man for his incredible dedication to learning. Andrew couldn't have been at a better place for his medical school training- the Lord certainly knew what he was doing. I don't even know how to sum up the past four years ...  They were mostly full of joy. With the long hours and away months (five of them...) the past four years were also grueling at times. But, he did it; and he did it well. Congratulations, my love! You're a Physician!!!

Immediately following graduation, we had a lovely little send-off. I even made those heart EKG sugar cookies (Also gained great respect for sugar cookie decorators.... it's hard!). We have so much to be thankful for and so many to thank for their support throughout. Following our little party, we slept just a couple of hours and woke bright and early for our trek down to our new home. And, now starts Residency..... yikes!