Bonnie Grace // 10 Months

Ten months! I have a ten month old...

((Bon is about 10.5 months old right now, but this post was written on her 10 month mark! I'm just late posting it))

The past month went by very quickly. Bonnie remains extremely mobile and has taken a few mini unassisted steps here and there. I assume that she'll soon be zooming around on foot. We continue to see her little personality emerge. Little miss independent sounds about right. She is happy to play and entertain herself while at the same time loves and happily welcomes others. She is generous with her waves and smiles. This warms my heart every time. Her darling waves never get old.

Bonnie ended her 9th month blowing kisses here and there and brushing her hair with the hairbrush. The brush action shocked me as I took no intentional part in teaching her to do so. She simply picked up her hairbrush one day, looked at me, smiled, and started brushing her hair! It was actually quite amazing. That simple action showed me just how observant she is and how much little ones are capable of learning.

When she wants to, she says: "Da-da" "Uh-Oh", "hi", and we all think we've heard, "cat" and a version of "tickle, tickle." On the communication note, on a good day, she'll sign, "milk", "all-done", and "more." We are working on teaching the signs for "change," "sleep", "food," and "water." On a not-so-good-day, she won't sign a single thing and will just fuss....  she is a baby after-all. 

Bonnie survived a week away from mom and dad this past month as we were away for our Alaskan cruise. It seems like she had a great time and I'm not sure that she could love both sets of Grandparents anymore than she already does. She'll sure miss them all being so close when we move.

She's also now sporting 3 new teeth! So long gummy smile. Hello more wakeful nights with a teething babe. She's a trooper and I've just been trying to take the new night wakings with extra patience and love while taking advantage of the sweet cuddles.


....iPhone photos below from this past month...

_____ Bonnie Monthly Facts_____

Wearing: 9-18 month clothes + some 24 month sleepers. // Eating: Breastmilk + lots of food. //  Playing: loves cardboard boxes.... a lot. // Reading: She starts panting with excitement when we read her mis animales book and her goodnight moon book. She knows "book/libro" and will go pick out a book. // New tricks: almost walking, giving kisses, signing more words, brushing her hair, pointing, and touching without pulling (at plants, flowers, etc). // Growth: still long and lean. Not sure of her weight this month. //  Loving: time with grandparents & other kids. She squeels with excitement when she sees other littles. // Sleep: hit or miss this month. Lots of adjustments (teeth, having mom & dad gone for a week, etc). // Not a fan: .... we are seeing her strong will come out! She wants what she wants, when she wants it! Yikes! Working on patiently and gently making boundaries clear.