Bonnie Grace // 9 months

Due to a month overshadowed by many changes (a move, leaving my job, etc.), I completely missed Bonnie's 8 month update! Moving right along, she's now over nine months old and I can't believe how fast time is moving!

Two words just about sum up this past month: Movement & Hair!

Bonnie's coordination surprises me nearly every day. With few wobbles or falls, she is all over the place. She squeezes through the tiniest of spaces to reach her end goal. Under tables, over people barricades, through laundry piles.... this girl finds a way to get where she wants to be. This past month, she shocked us by standing up unassisted in the middle of a room. Now, she does it quite often and just stands there waving her hands as if to say, "look at me go!." She claps for others and herself and gives the sweetest, most heartfelt waves. She's just the most pleasant little girl to have around. She's also quite speedy climbing the stairs & loves to do so on her way up to nap time.

She's no longer my little bald baby! We now have hair, folks! It literally seems like hair is  growing longer and thicker every single day.

At the beginning of the month, she took a while to adjust to the transition of moving and having daddy gone. It was a difficult week with lots of reassurance needed. But since comfortable and settled, she's never looked back and certainly been a delightful little champ. Goodness, we feel blessed to call her our daughter. What a gift.

_____ Bonnie Monthly Facts_____

Wearing: 6-18 month clothes. // Eating: Breastmilk + lots of food. //  Playing: With anything and everything. Loves her big bouncy balls. // Reading: ABC books + color/animal spanish books // New tricks: standing, waving, clapping, giving kisses. // Growth: Weighed in at 17 lbs 10 oz  (33%) at her check-up & 29 inches long (>95th %). Long and lean! //  Loving: Neighborhood walks, swinging, & mirrors/windows. // Sleep: An awesome sleeper & napper! Except for an early wake up time. All good in my book! . // Not a fan: .... Starting to get fussy when things are taken away from her (when she finds my iPhone, etc)...