Not crazy, go enjoy...

Andrew is finished with his last med-school rotation & we are back together as a family unit. Though still living in transition (2 more months to go until we can move into our house in California), it's nice to have my best friend by my side once again. We are enjoying time with extended family and I was even lucky enough to score a sleep-in morning the other day! Woo-hooooo, thanks Babe!

With 3 photoshoots this past week, I've certainly enjoyed the creative outlet. Every time I leave the house, I am in awe of Oregon's beauty. This time of year is full of deep, vibrant colors of the most lively greens. Florals every direction.... oh, it's simply gorgeous. If you haven't experienced a spring in the northwest, you're missing out.

As I write this, we are finishing getting all packed for our cruise and I'm working on convincing myself that I'm not crazy for leaving my baby for a week...... ahhhhh....  Goodness, I'll miss her. I greatly look forward to the couple-time and I know Bonnie will be in perfectly loving, capable hands. I'll still miss her and think of her often.

The pumping every few hours will sure be a reminder. As I used my hand-pump on the car-ride home from Portland this evening, Andrew and I discussed how much of a commitment nursing really is. You can't simply take a vacation from it or all milk supply is gone. If away from your babe, you can't just skip a pumping session or two because you don't feel like it. Whew, it takes determination and lends itself to much inconvenience much of the time (don't get me wrong- so does having to make and warm up a bottle!). I encouraged Andrew to specifically tell his mom patient's "good-job mama" for their hard work nursing their babies.

That was a tangent! Anyways, we'll be off enjoying what the Lord has created this next week. Glaciers, great food...  Alaska, here we come! My purse has been emptied of all baby items and it feels strange not to be packing any of Bonnie's things. Her schedule has been reviewed and written with my gracious mom (who lovingly listens- though she already knows everything), her room fully stocked with supplies.... a ridiculous form of a "will" has been hand-written and signed. Morbid? I say not so... organized and prepared! The only thing that remains to be done is emptying our cell phones so that we have room for photos! Are we the only ones who have phones FULL of baby pics and have to constantly delete to take new photos? We'll also be squeezing as many Bonnie snuggles in as possible before leaving! I'll just be over here repeating, ..."I'm not crazy.... not crazy...  not crazy... she's fine... go enjoy.... not crazy....'