Baby Food Making Joy

The thought of starting baby food with Bonnie was daunting. I'm not quite sure why. Perhaps this is because nursing was (and still is) our special thing. Only her and I can share those close moments as we do. Starting food meant the slow decline of nursing. Part of that made me sad. Or, perhaps it was daunting and scary because it was such a huge unknown. There are SO many options, gadgets, gizmos, and methods when it comes to something so simple as feeding my baby.

How funny are those faces! Fierce, I know! She was upset I wasn't feeding her fast enough...

How funny are those faces! Fierce, I know! She was upset I wasn't feeding her fast enough...

I quickly found great joy in making Bonnie's purees. I love knowing exactly what is in each bite and feeling good about the nutrients she is getting. Or... maybe I enjoy it so much because I'm not the world's greatest cook, and it felt like anything I made for Bonnie was gobbled up with great delight! Two other big factors include how expensive baby food is (or at least the brands I seem to pick up) and how probably 75% of the mixtures have a pear or apple base for which Bonnie has shown us a little reaction toward.

She has yet to sprout any teeth and is just now getting more into self-finger-feeding little bites of appropriate things. Anyways.... My baby-food making parties in the kitchen take place after the babe has gone to bed. This last time, I had the oven, crock-pot, stove, & blender going at the same time! It was quite the production!

About three hours later, I ended the night with fifty squeeze pouches (3.5 ounces of food in each one), and 10 or so freezer milk storage bags full of purees (7~ish ounces in each one). So, we should have enough baby food to last 6 weeks or so when we supplement with other table foods.

I've found that I prefer squeeze pouches for convenience. I can either squeeze them right onto a spoon and feed Bonnie, or into a bowl, or she sucks the puree right into her mouth and loves it when we are on the go!

I use & LOVE this product to make my pouches. My mom got in on the food-making action this last time and I think she's hooked too!

My current mixes include the following combos:

Banana, blueberry, raspberry, & spinach // Sweet Potato, butternut squash, pumpkin, & cinnamon// Broccoli, Cauliflower, banana // Plain Carrots

I'd like to add some peas and brown rice mixture in but I'm out of squeeze pouches! Ordering more ASAP.

I buy prune purees at the store and mix those in about every other day to help keep her bowel movements in order.  I also usually always have some quinoa on hand and can mix that into any puree mixture for some added protein and grains.


A blender (or magic bullet) is what I use to blend up Bon's food! Any other tried & true mixes you mamas make and love? Any other tools you swear by?