Around here

It's been a while since a basic 'around here' post....

So, here you have it!

You guys, my man has a whopping FIVE more days of his LAST med-school rotation! How crazy is that!? Thankfully, this has been the fastest month ever and our celebration vacation is quickly approaching. We will be starting our month off with an Alaskan cruise (poor us, I know... wink, wink). We are fully aware that once residency starts, vacations will be scarce and most likely spent catching up on rest.

Though Easter was a few weeks ago, we enjoyed family time on both sides and sure had a special time celebrating Resurrection Sunday. Sweet girl even got her first little Easter basket!


Bonnie and I have settled into living with my folks and are somehow staying quite busy while Andrew is away finishing up. I must admit, staying my old room brings back many memories. Much has changed though. The walls are no longer painted my hideous colors of choice. Think creamy tomato soup meets ketchup, meets an avocado accent. Beautiful, right?! Don't ask. My room is now the guest room adorned with family antiques and old photos of family members. It works well and it a much more pleasant neutral color. Bon even has her own little nursery space. All in all, it's a great set-up and we are very thankful for the space and added family time. I've mostly enjoyed how much Bonnie can roam and crawl about freely in this home. I was very cautious to let her crawl around much in our old house due to not knowing about possible lead paint or other chemicals/dangers the old house had to offer. So, we are here at a perfect time in her development to allow her to explore and play freely! Added bonus being that I can actually get things done while she entertains herself! We both love it!

I've been hitting the gym every day (with a small handful of missed days) and loving my time there! I look forward to my workouts each day. I'm not sure if there's much progress being made, but I feel better, stronger, and most surprisingly, have far more energy. I sure hope that I can somehow find a way to make it a priority to continue time in the gym after we re-locate.

That about covers it for now. More to come tomorrow on my successful & ginormous baby-food-making night. Whew, it was awesome!