Life these days

 Life is busy, beautiful, crazy, and a teensy bit stressful. With the upcoming move, a very mobile 7 month old, and a somewhat unknown next few months, my mind is spinning. Yet at the same time, I have such peace. There is much to look forward to! While Little Miss naps, I should be packing like a crazy person, but I sit here with a blanket on my lap, sunshine on my face, and an iced coffee keeping me awake.

I can't help but reflect on our past almost four years here in Oregon and each home we've had. All three of them. I sure hope our next three years will be spent in one home. Nobody likes moving. And, we've got plenty more to come. 

March always seems to be a month of decisions. It seems that around this time four years ago, Andrew was receiving his Medical School acceptances and needing to decide which new city would be our home. Three out of the past four months of March have been spent moving (including this year). Two years ago this month, we started fertility treatments in hopes of starting our family. It's amazing to look back and see where we were, what our prayers repeated, and ultimately, praise the Lord for his amazing faithfulness and abundant blessings. 

.... On today's agenda is packing up Bonnie's room as much as possible. It's my favorite room in our home. So much love resides here. So many nights of rocking and singing. So many prayers whispered over our sweet sleeping babe. Giggles galore on that changing table. Squirrel watching out that window. Kisses and slobbers up the whazoo. Book reading  on the floor....

Many a night's "sleep" was spent in that rocker in the weeks leading up to Bon's arrival. Oh the memories... 

I couldn't bring myself to start packing up this room without taking a few photos first. I took them as the sun was setting and little girl was anxious for her night-time routine. So, they are certainly not of high quality and are pretty dark. But, I will dearly treasure this room, our memories inside these 4 walls, and the eight months (by the time we move) our daughter spent here.