Goodbye sweet home

When we chose this house to live in, it was a stressful and quickly made decision. We needed a home and needed it fast due to a pricey unexpected lease renewal. Built in the 1920's, this home has quite the character. That's a nice way to put it. It's old. It's grimy. It's creeky, drafy, and just plain old. But, we made it into a home. We made it into our home. Its walls quickly became coated in precious photographs and mementos. The love we shared for each other inside this little cottage of a house covered its many imperfections.

We thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful neighborhood and even achieved waving-status with a few neighbors. We spent nearly every day of two summers watering the yard with a hose while saying, "we really need to get one of those sprinkler hose attachments." I spent 2 springs experimenting with planting flowers and was literally brought to tears when the flowers I planted last year sprouted up the week before we moved out. Two Falls were spent enduring the chestnut tree war-zone,  2 winters spent snuggling by our dear floor heaters. Four mice found in the garage (& 1 in the kitchen! AH--- one of my least favorite days to date).

You get the picture, this home had its faults. Many. But, it was also darling. It was just what we needed, where we needed, when we needed. We learned that living walking distance to the library, grocery store, bank, post office, coffee house, restaurants, lake, shopping... I could go on... is something we didn't expect to enjoy as much as we did.

We're officially out, and we're living a bit in limbo as Bon and I are staying with my folks and Andrew is finishing up his last medical school rotation in Eugene. Residency begins in June; so, we will be enjoying Oregon and family time until then.  The owners of our old home are demolishing and rebuilding. I understand it. I'd probably do the same. But, it's still quite sad. So, goodbye sweet cottage. Thank you for two great years. Thank you for being the place where so many memories were made.

//The painting below was done by my Dad. I can't wait to get it framed. It will certainly be cherished forever.//

((Maternity photos credit: Edwin Maestas))