A month with Amanda

April fools day is tomorrow. However, Its no joke that I'm humbly surrendering myself over to a professional fitness coach. That's right folks, meet my sister in law, Amanda. She's the real deal. She literally works her booty off and is seriously one of the most committed and driven people I know. There's much more to Amanda than just fitness. I'm helping her start a blog of her own; stay tuned for that. You won't want to miss it

You don't score those guns over night... wouldn't that be nice?!? We're not going for anything drastic. I'm not terribly overweight or unhealthy by any means. But, my clothes don't fit right and I certainly don't feel strong or fit. While giving every ounce of myself to my sweet suckling babe these past 8 months (& the 9 months before that of pregnancy), I'm ready to give a little bit back to myself. Now that we are all moved out of our home and are currently living with my folks, we have a live-in-babysitter (thanks Mom & Dad)! The days are turning sunnier and now is the perfect opportunity to get with the program. More than anything, I just want to enjoy working out again and maybe build up the habit of doing so before we officially re-locate. So, here's to a month with Amanda. A month of making healthier choices. A month of sweating, saying no to that 9pm milkshake, and... okay fine, getting one less pump of chocolate in my iced white mochas (let's be real folks, not giving up coffee).

Restrictions include: I'm still exclusively breastfeeding  (my body requires the extra calories to make milk). 

I'll fill you in as the month goes on... But I'm excited... and a tad bit scared.... as I sit here and enjoy my last handful of chocolate chips for a while (yes, that bonnie-preggo craving has yet to leave me 8 months later). I might squeeze in one more milkshake tonight too!!