Random Ramblings...

It's been a while since I've mentioned Andrew's medical school journey. Well, guess what? In just 3 more months (ish), he'll be a real doctor. "Kind of. I guess." That is the answer he would give anyways. By title, he'll be the real deal, but thankfully, for the first few years, new docs work under the supervision and expertise of experienced physicians as they see patients and gain confidence and greater exposure to really call the shots (pun intended, wink wink). Those grueling first few years (a.k.a residency) are far more time intensive than medical school. Oh boy! I've loved reading this blogger's account of real life with a spouse in residency + kids (.... she has 4, soon to be 5! wowza!).  I can't believe this long tunnel is seriously reaching it's end! The light is SO bright! Until we enter the next tunnel of course. A tunnel sounds depressing though. Let's go with bridge! A bright, long, beautiful bridge. 

In other news, we booked a cruise for later in the year to celebrate! Can't wait! 

We also had a fun Sunday with family following Bonnie's little Dedication service. 

Other random tidbits:

We start mommy and me swim classes today! 

The Walking Dead is back. Yessssss.... we watch gruesome shows. 

It's Valentines week and all I want to do is buy the adorable GF lovey baked goods I've been seeing at Kyras

I've been storing Bon's home-made puree baby food with the help of this tool that I highly recommend! It's about time to make a greater variety and get my squeeze station out again. Squeeze-on, my mommy friends! 

Lastly, Bonnie sure loves her Dad. Aren't they precious! 

//Photos from Bonnie's church dedication day yesterday. We hosted a little brunch at our place after the service and were blessed the presence of by sweet family//.

Happy Valentines Week my loves!