8 everyday Baby Essentials under $25

We use each of these items every single day. When thinking of non-toy or gear-related items, these are the 8 I came up with that I love and recommend. The best part is that each item is under $25 and as I'm posting this today, amazon lists each item under $20! 

8 everyday items copy

1. This USA-made diaper changing mat is our on-the-go pick! The main reasons being that it rolls up to be super tiny and is super easy to just wipe down with any diaper leakage. I also always love to support American-made small companies. 

2. I've mentioned this wipes dispenser before. But, I love it so much, I'm mentioning again! Since we primarily use cloth diapers, it makes it extra convenient to use cloth wipes as well. This dispenser makes it easy and tidy to do so. The weighted plate makes pulling out one wipe at a time work perfectly! 

3. I always have a wet bag in my diaper bag. Even if I'm not using cloth diapers that day, I store an extra outfit in the outside pocket and have the inside "wet" portion of the bag to store any soiled items (bibs, clothes, swim suits). The whole bag + soiled linens just gets thrown in the laundry when home. Yes, I have a few of these bags, I use them so often (different styles of course, but this one is a favorite). 

4. Who knew that baby items would not only take over most of the house, but the kitchen too! Our drying rack keeps my pumping parts upright and organized along with all of our bottle items for when I'm at work and Bon needs bottles. Nowadays, her spoons, bowls, nose-suckers all end up there too! 

5. Beloved sound machine, we adore you. From the time Bonnie started sleeping in her crib around 5 weeks old, we've used and loved this bad boy. Naps, night sleep, travel, it's always on and certainly helps with the background noise while she sleeps. Since her room is right next to the kitchen and living room and she goes to bed so much earlier than we do, it helps minimize any startling noises. With six sound options to choose from, and a small, sleek design, this sound machine is a winner in our book! Thanks, to a special mama friend, Katey, who recommended it to us!

7. I've also previously mentioned this product, but once again, it's one we use nearly every day and love! The natural ingredients are a huge plus; so is the fact that we can use this with disposable OR cloth diapers without a problem. 

8. I've tried many types of soaps and keep coming back to good ol' Burt's Bees. It took me a few days to get used to the unique smell but now I crave and love it. Bonnie never seems to mind if any accidentally gets in her face/eyes either. She smells oh so good after bath time.