Bonnie Grace // 7 Months

Happy 7 months to you, sweet Bon! Time sure is flying by and you are learning and doing new things every day. This past month, you've really gotten your move & groove on! You started by scooting/pulling yourself around and have now perfected your crawl. Which means your mama and daddy have to be especially on guard as you move about. You also love to eat your real food.  Unfortunately, you seem to be showing allergic reactions to raw apples & pears so far (hence your little face rash in these photos). So- we are sticking to cooking and making our own food to be sure we know all you are getting and can adjust with any more reactions. 

You charm us with your squeals of excitement and your (still toothless) gummy giggles. You seem to especially love your swim class and show your excitement with much splashing and squealing (sometimes confused with screaming... but happy screaming?! Quiet, public places are not our friend right now as an extra cute somebody is freely and happily exploring her voice). Bonnie, you get goofy as ever before bed and you've just started signing "milk" before feeding times. You absolutely adore your daddy and enjoy climbing all over him on the floor. 

You had your church dedication this month. We started packing and preparing for our move to California this month. You love seeing your "Granita" (Andrew's mom) & Mamaw (my mom) each week. You've begun to show us your strong will, but also how incredibly teachable you are. This has been encouraging as we can see that though not easy, our consistency in the little things is worth the effort. You are simply lovely, Bonnie Grace. 

I still can't believe how fast you're growing and changing. I don't want to miss a thing. We sure love you, sweet girl. We feel so blessed to be your parents. 

_____ Bonnie Monthly Facts_____

Wearing: 3-12 month clothes. // Eating: Breastmilk + lots of food. //  Playing: With teethers, books, and peek-a-boo. // Reading: Mis Animales, all Dr. Sues books, and themed library books each week . // New tricks: Crawling & climbing. // Growth: No idea what she weighs now, but she sure seems to be chubbing up with the extra food! //  Loving: Swim class, walks, Daddy, window watching, food time. // Sleep: Still a great sleeper. Which makes for one grateful mama. Currently transitioning from 3 naps down to 2... some days are a bit of a struggle with the napping. // Not a fan: .... still some stranger danger (especially with men), but getting better.