Grab Bag

When out and about on a normal day, I find myself digging through my diaper bag in search of a toy, teether, or a little something to give Bon to fiddle with. Over Christmas break, I made this simple grab bag that we now tend to take almost everywhere! It's the perfect size for travel toys. As she grows older, I picture myself instructing her to choose whichever toys she wants that will fit in her "Bonnie bag" for our trip or for the day (allowing her to make her own choice with a little set parameter on sizing). I also made a slightly larger one for my nephew, Reid. The best part about this little project is that it literally takes 5 minutes! 

Only 3 Supplies needed (found at JoAnn's):

1. Canvas bag (They have numerous different styles and sizes to choose from)

2. Iron-on Letters

3. Iron

I even came home from work the other day to find that Andrew had taken it as a "diaper bag" to her book-babies class. That made me smile. Enjoy!