Christmas came and went

Christmas came and went quite quickly as Andrew and I worked most of the past week. We did have a special few hours together as a family (with my mom and dad visiting too!) before Bon's bed time on Christmas day. It was then back to work for both of us. This season of being a full time working mom has not been easy. I still think it was and is the best option for getting my needed hours in and keeping my skills up but that doesn't mean it is easy. With 16 shifts left to go (yes, I'm counting), I am anxious for this season to be complete. Mostly, I'm anxious to put all of my energy into being mama, wife, and friend again. I think it may not be as difficult if Andrew worked a normal amount of hours, but pulling 70-80 hour work weeks on top of my full schedule just isn't cutting it. Plus there's all of my wonky pregnancy hormones to take into account. I don't remember being emotional with Bon! 

The rest of life seems to be on hold as I finish this contract job. I did however just purchase our little boy's new crib in hopes of my folks still being around to help me get it set up. My first real baby purchase! Thankfully, there isn't much to be done this time around. I'm not even sure I mentioned that our new little one is a boy on this blog space. In short, we are thrilled and my mommy-intuition was spot on once again. I need to do some reading up on room sharing but any advice on this topic from other mommies is quite welcome!

Bonnie has changed and grown so much since Thanksgiving. Her vocabulary is expanding by the day and she repeats much of what we say. It has been so much fun to see her little brain work. She also has started a little bit of pretend play. She will put her baby dolls night night in a basket, give them kisses, and walk out of the room (which is just what I do). She feeds them and shares her milk with them. It's quite sweet. I don't think she really understands there will be a baby brother coming but she gives my belly kisses and points to my belly when asked where her baby brother is. I know it will be quite the adjustment with two very young little ones but I'm excited for our family to grow!

All in all, we are getting through, my parents have been a life saver, we have mostly stayed healthy (minus a little bug I have now), and we praise God that baby boy is growing and well.

By this time next year, our family will be one larger, Andrew will be halfway done with his residency, and this new home of ours won't be so new. We have much to be thankful for in 2015 and much to look forward to in 2016!

Photos taken around Thanksgiving by my Dad...