Our growing family // 15 weeks

Fifteen weeks down (1 day short) and I'm happy to report that my energy has returned in full swing. This new-found energy has come at the perfect time as I started back to work last week. Though my hours are considered full time, I'm just doing a three month travel nursing gig. This is perfect as I'll finish my contract just before reaching my 3rd trimester and then get to focus on our new babe. A great way to get my feet wet in the California nursing world and maintain my RN license.

The nausea/vomiting is also finally improving; praise the Lord! Again- it has been nothing compared to my last pregnancy. So, I really can't complain. Over all, I'm feeling better and this pregnancy is feeling more and more real by the day. A little bump starting to appear also makes things seem much more real. I officially dug out my maternity clothes to have ready and am now prepared for full on bump mode!

I find myself wondering who this little one will be. What will he or she be like. How will he/she be different from Bonnie? I can't even imagine a different personality compared to Bon at this point, but I can't wait to meet this new babe and discover our new little person.

We owe my mom such a huge shout out and thanks. She has been here taking care of Bonnie along with Andrew and I all week. Bonnie has been quite ill and I have of course been completely occupied with starting work. Her being here allowed me not to worry. I'm really trying to have a lower stress level this pregnancy compared to my last. I know that worry and anxiety is nothing but harmful and I'm doing my best to leave that behind.

As always, we praise God for each and every day with this darling miracle babe. What a gift to be a mother.