Much to be thankful for

The kitchen a mess with dishes piled up and dropped peas scattered all over the floor, Bonnie ran from her "silla" (high-chair) straight into the living room. She pointed out the window to the night's sky with her version of "star!" "star" on repeat. We snuggled up on the couch while Andrew turned off the lights. I began pointing to the stars while starting to sing twinkle, twinkle.  However, within 10 seconds of turning the lights off, a sweet Bonnie had laid her head in my lap and was fast asleep. I'm not exaggerating about the 10 seconds part. Since Bon was a wee babe, we've tried time and time again for her to fall asleep with us (in our bed while on trips or when she's been sick and needed extra comforting). Without fail, it has never once happened. She is so absolutely conditioned to sleeping in her crib, that sleeping anywhere else is pretty much out of the question. Until last night...

She even let me pick her up so that we could both lay down and be more comfortable. The whole time, I kept telling Andrew how strange this was and how out of character this was for her. Andrew sat there with us while he studied for his upcoming medical boards.

So, there we were. The house pitch black. Christmas music quietly playing from the other room on our favorite and daily-used speaker. Our fifteen month old sleeping soundly on my chest. My husband next to us quietly studying. And, the tiniest of flutters from our growing babe in my womb. At first, I asked Andrew to grab my phone or something so I could browse the internet or get caught up on the news and he kindly refused while encouraging me to just relax. "You never take time to yourself and just do nothing. Enjoy this moment, enjoy this peaceful and quiet time and just relax with our daughter sleeping by your side." He was so right. I'm one to rarely just be still. This is why much of me dislikes just sitting to watch a movie. I'll edit photos during, or plan a trip, or make a grocery list. But just sit there? Never.

I was still. Quiet. My precious family by my side. My heart and mind turned to prayers of thankfulness. I have so much to be thankful for. Most of which were right there with me on that couch. A roof over my head, a full stomach, a blanket to keep us warm- simple blessings.

Being still has always been one of my greatest challenges. Yet, the Lord frequently reminds me in the most beautiful ways to "be still and know that {he is} God." Whether it be while pinned down on the couch by a sleeping babe, stuck in stand-still traffic, or looking out over His beautiful creation; He finds a way and the time to re-capture my heart and mind. Such comfort I find in believing with my whole heart that in the midst of our broken world, a greater One is in control and will prevail. I look forward to eternity with a Lord who has conquered sin and promises eternal life for those who put their faith in Him. 

I'm thankful for that hour of quietness and stillness with my family. Much to be thankful for indeed.

((Thank you, Dad, for taking this family photo. Other photos are from our Michigan trip a few weeks ago.))