beautiful weekend

I had such great plans for this weekend in my heart of hearts. Andrew has two weeks of clinic right now and is blessed with "golden weekends" twice in a row (meaning, he actually gets the whole weekend off). So, not wanting to waste any time together, I figured we'd kick off the weekend in style Friday night with an actual sit down dinner. Sadly, those rarely happen around here anymore. Andrew had texted earlier in the day to say he was ahead of schedule and would maybe be home before Bonnie's bedtime for dinner. Unfortunately, in true intern-year form, we didn't have that sit down family dinner and by the time he got home, we had just enough time to start a new tv series together. I fell asleep half way through. So, my grand plans for Friday night didn't quite happen. But that was all okay because after a rough day with Bonnie (tummy bug), she was asleep so soundly and my hubby was by my side.

On Saturday, we ventured up to Mather Field near Sacramento for the California Capital Air Show. I'm so glad we went! Though we roasted in the sun (& I stupidly wore black), we so enjoyed a little adventure together. And, I love seeing Andrew's & Bonnie's face light up with anything having to do with air planes. The B-17's and B-25's were my favorite. So majestic, so much history, such a beautiful purr when flying by. I can only imagine an entire fleet flying over enemy territory back in the day... what an incredible site (& sound).

By the time we got back home, Bonnie's tummy bug problems came back and the rest of us started to not feel so great either. Early to bed for all of us! Sunday's "plans" of church all together, a park date, and getting a few things checked off the to-do list fell through too as we all weren't feeling well.

All of this to say, nothing really goes as planned anymore. But, this is our life. And, it is a blessed, beautiful life. Since Andrew started residency, I've learned to rarely count on plans. Our first weekend here, I was wisely advised by another spouse that all will be okay if I just have no expectations. She said, "never expect your husband to be home when he says he should, never expect that one day off to be filled with bliss and fun outings, but always just be thankful to all be together." I think if this weekend had happened like it did a year ago, I would have felt very disappointed. But, you know what, there's something great about getting through a tough weekend all together. All being on the same team. All moving from the bed, to the couch, to the table, back to the couch and just getting through until bed-time. There's something about tag-teaming with little Bon's awful & numerous dirty diapers (poor baby), the frequent bath times, the getting up together in the middle of the night to tackle more dirty diaper blow-out issues and complete linen changes. Oh boy, this whole being mom and dad thing is so much better together. Even when we both are only half-way functional.

So, in a weird way, this weekend was kind of awesome. Though filled with sickness, non-productivity, and just pure blah, we worked together. This weekend required a tremendous amount of love all around, and love we did. There was no frustration, no complaining. Just love. It was a beautiful weekend, indeed.