Our growing family // 3+ months

In case you missed our little facebook/Instagram pic we posted yesterday...

Our family is growing and we are beyond thrilled!


Above all, we are just incredibly grateful and feel overly blessed to be given this life to carry, grow, and love. I haven't been quiet about our past infertility struggles and treatment cycles to get pregnant with our first and with Bonnie. So, I know you're curious. I would be as well. What is it about pregnancy and babies that captures our attention and curiosity? I like to think that it does so because the whole process from beginning to end is simply miraculous. 

Well, this time around feels especially miraculous. I had just been to the doctor to discuss a fertility treatment plan and get the ball rolling to start trying in the coming months. I even filled my prescriptions to have ready. During this time, I continued weaning Bonnie down to one feed before bedtime. This weaning process roused my hormones from their deep slumber and thanks to my bodily over-awareness (a blessing and curse), I had a feeling that I might be in just the right window to possibly get pregnant (without ever having a period). Well, I was right, and the Lord answered our prayers. Two weeks later, I found out that I was indeed pregnant! The doctor said that with my PCOS, we probably caught the one time a year that my body would spontaneously ovulate and that the weaning process likely caused my body to "spit out eggs" before getting back into my normal PCOS rut. Who knows? Overall, I think the Lord certainly knows what he is doing and I sure am glad he's ultimately in control.

Those medications sit untouched and our hearts are overcome with joy and thankfulness.

I'm currently 13 weeks and 2 days along and they have given us a due date of May 3rd (though babe is measuring a little bit bigger- so it may be more like late April). As many may remember, I took weekly photos with Bonnie. Those photos are such a special keepsake to me and I have them in a little book that even Bon loves looking through. I had planned to take monthly photos this time around as I realistically don't think I'll be able to get weekly photos. I've already slacked on monthly photos but sure hope to get back on track! So, here's a little "month one!"

The weeks fly by much faster with a toddler running around, consuming most of my time and mind. Overall, I've also been feeling better than my pregnancy with Bonnie (her first trimester was absolutely awful with nausea/vomiting). This time around, I still have nausea and still throw up a few times a week but it's just nothing compared and so I feel like things are going really well! I also started taking vitamin B6 and it works extremely well for me. It's like night and day when I don't take it or am late taking it. Mostly, I've just been exhausted. While Andrew was away for a month, I would go to bed right after putting Bonnie to bed (at 7pm!). And, I'm just this week starting to not take a nap every day while she naps.

With two bouts of spotting a few weeks apart, I went through a time where I thought we would lose this baby too. I began prepping my mind and heart for another miscarriage but sure hoped and prayed (and continue to do so) that we would get to hold this baby come May.

And, at 13 weeks, baby is looking perfect! Again, we are just so thankful...