Intentional play

"Children learn as they play. Most importantly, in play children learn how to learn.” – O. Fred Donaldson

Motherhood looks different these days. From the time our sweet girl wakes to the time she sleeps, our days are full of hours for me to engage Bonnie with learning, reading, playing, eating, and my favorite, napping. Much of our time is spent running errands and just getting things accomplished that need to get done to make a household run. Thankfully, Bonnie makes a great errand-buddy and helper. More and more, I am seeing her desire to be a helper. This I love. She gets very excited to help carry the mail, or a grocery bag. Her absolute favorite is to hold onto my debit card until the checker is ready. She then excitedly hands it over. It is quite darling.

With less time spent napping and nursing, this means a lot more "work" for me as Mama. I should say, different kind of work. With a busy toddler mind and body on hand, her needs and desires include far more structured activities, games, and play-time than before. She's much happier when I've been thoughtful and intentional about our time together. Easier said than done.

Who knew being a mama required so much creativity!? I sure didn't. I have a hard enough time being creative with meal times (which feel like they are every 2 hours some days). Thankfully, we live in the world of pinterest. When feeling uninspired, I often find some great ideas. Like this simple and mess-free, paint in a bag activity! We've been reading and talking about colors a lot lately. We even attended story time at the library and the theme happened to be colors! A great coincidence.

When in doubt, we often head to base and simply watch the airplanes. This may be her all time favorite. She often spots (& hears) them before I do.

With each day, I realize more and more my responsibility to teach, train, and offer more to our daughter. All filled with utmost love of course. The amount she has picked up and learned in the last two weeks alone amazes me. It inspires me to be more intentional with our time together. I also see how much she lights up when Andrew or I get down on the floor with her and just be silly. I can't get enough of her giggles...

Moms, what are some of your favorite activities? Any great low-cost/free ideas or things your kids love? I am very much looking forward to the weather getting a bit cooler so we can enjoy more time at the park. I hear it gets cool in November/December. I'm not sure what "cool" means, but we'll soon find out!