Bonnie Grace // 5 months

Five months already!? I can hardly believe it. She gets sweeter by the day an truly does bring us so much joy. Bon had her first cold this month and handled it like a champ (we hope it's over). It's sure terrible to watch a little one get sick; oh my, so sad. 

Bonnie started moving on her play mat much more this past month and her activity center is now a thing of the past as she just rolls or scoots off & goes about her playing. Overall, she seems to thrive when we stick to our daily routine of eat, play, nap, repeat. We had a special first Christmas season with her and certainly count ourselves blessed to be her parents. 

Happy 5 months, sweet girl. 

Bonnie Facts:

Wearing: 3-9 month clothes // Eating: still exclusively breastfed. Planning to start solids very soon as she's showing more interest & we are reaching the recommended 6 month mark. //  Playing: with her taggie, teething toys, and sophie giraffe. // Reading: Me and My Mom, God Gave Us You, and many others.  // New tricks: She scoots backwards on her tummy & loves to jump when held. Improving on sitting up each day but we've got a ways to go until she can do so independently. She also loves lapping up water with her tongue in the shower// Growth: I haven't weighed her this month, but will find out at her upcoming 6 month appointment. She's definitely growing longer! //  Loving: Still loves any time in the water, loves Dina the Dino, & loves song time with mama and daddy // Sleep: With having her first cold and the holidays, night sleep has been inconsistent. However, when we are home & in our routine, she sleeps great and will sleep from 7pm-5am & then go back down until 8 ish! Taking 3 naps a day.// Not a fan: Not much! She's such a happy girl & rarely gives us a fuss.

God Gave Us You.... I highly recommend these books! Since receiving this one as a shower gift, I have bought more from the series. Such love and truth in these books! I look forward to continue reading these to Bonnie as she gets older and understands more.