Bonnie Grace // 6 Months

The past month with Bonnie has been a favorite. Let's be real, I could never pick a "favorite" month, but I've sure found extra enjoyment over the past many weeks with our sweet girl. Starting out the new year with an extra boost of motivation and energy to make every day count has helped me find ways to fulfill my desire for routine. I'm a being of routine. I think I always have been. It gives me a "high" so to speak. And, so, having a bit of a routine with Bonnie has been good for the both of us; and this month, we were all synced up! 


(Is that not the cutest face you've ever seen!!? Okay, I'm completely biased, but I seriously can't get enough of her. We took a pit stop on our walk today and captured these sweet pics on the park bench. I'm so glad I randomly decided to throw my camera into the stroller!)


We didn't take any trips, nor did we do anything extra special; we simply lived our normal life. Perhaps that's part of why it has been such a nice month. Anyways, we discovered the library. It's a whopping 2 streets up from us and makes for the perfect walk on a nice day. We regularly attend book baby and music baby classes each week. Bonnie seems to enjoy the stimulation and songs along with the numerous other little friends. We think she's starting to recognize the fun songs because she'll light up and smile when we start singing them. The classes have also taught me some new singing material. My usual four songs were beginning to get rather old quite quickly. Beginning very shortly, we'll also have mom/baby swim classes twice a week. With a planned activity/outing all but 2 days out of the week, we make a happy mama-baby duo.

I'm still working my two shifts/week & enjoying the few times I've gotten to be sent home early or called off completely (Yes, Please, & Thank You!!). There really is no place I'd rather be than home with Bon. Even when calculating all of the dollars I'm missing out on, Miss Bonnie is sure good at convincing me that she's worth more. These days go by so quickly and I certainly don't want to look back and regret missing them. 

Getting back to the point of this post, Bonnie has changed so much these past few weeks. She started off the month by rolling across the room and every which way (teaching me very quickly that our house really isn't ready for a mobile baby). She ended the month by perfecting her "planking" and sitting. She seriously cracks us up. She planks up on all fours, does a downward-dog maneuver, and then a little jump back down to her tummy or knees. Sometimes, it works to propel her forward...  Silly girl. She's certainly incredibly strong and quite fun to watch. She ended the month with a new activity added to her day to include eating solids! She's also begun to make some lovely new sounds with her sweet little voice. She seems to favor the "la, la, la, ya, ya," and most recently, "da, da, da."  I bet you can guess that I'm pushing the "mmmm, ma, ma, ma" sounds. 

Monthly Bonnie-facts below!

Wearing: 3-12 month clothes. // Eating: Breastmilk & we started solids! So far, she likes peas and bananas the most. She's showing more interest with each day. //  Playing: teething toys galore, and her "Dina the Dino" is still a favorite. We've also found the excersaucer to be a life-saver as she's contained and thoroughly entertained. My mom is letting us borrow her great craigslist find! Thanks Mom! // Reading: We started "themed learning weeks." More on that in another post coming soon. She really enjoys her books though. // New tricks: As previously discussed, sitting, planking, rolling across the room, pivoting in circles on her tummy & scooching. // Growth: She weighed in at 16 lbs (15# 15.5 ounces to be exact) & 26.5 inches in length.  Growing right on track! //  Loving: Still loves any time in the water, floor play time, walks in her stroller, and songs/books. // Sleep: Doing SO GREAT! After a few nights of readjustments back home after the holidays, she started sleeping 11-13 hours through the night. If she wakes up, she'll talk a little bit but then go right back to sleep. Occasionally, she'll wake up around 4:30 and need to nurse, but I certainly don't mind as it's rare. ((I'm sure this great sleep stretch will end shortly- isn't that how having babies works?)) For now, it's amazingly refreshing and I'm so proud of her & * very, very thankful*. My favorite is how we now put her down to sleep and say our "night nights" and she just watches me walk out of the room propped up on her hands. She then just lays her head down and goes to sleep without a peep. It kind of amazes me every single time.  Still taking 3 good naps a day. // Not a fan: She's started to have a little bit of stranger danger. Also- she knows her "routine" and if I veer from it, she lets me know. For example, she nurses when she wakes up from a nap. Nooooo, it's not okay to change a diaper before-hand...  Got it, baby girl. I can accommodate that. 

Happy six months, sweet little bird. I love you more than you could ever know.