Insta Life

A full weekend absent of work or any other major commitments has been SO nice. Even the wet, cloudy weather has been just what we needed to encourage us to stay in (for the most part), veg out on the couch, roll around on the floor with the babe, eat good food, and watch far too many episodes a tv series (that I won't reveal because, it's quite violent). Oh, & the Seahawks of course! We even enjoyed our first real date night (thank you Nick & Michelle for watching Bon). I must admit, the whole time we were out, it was difficult not to be thinking about my baby girl and feeling like I was missing something. But, here's to trying to make date nights happen more often!

In other news, here's an overload of instagram life from the past twelve weeks or so. Yep, 95% of the photos are of Bonnie. ((When looked at on a phone, the formatting of this post isn't in the grid and goes on forever... sorry!))

My favorite "social Media" outlet is Instagram. Hands down, I'm a huge fan. Those who follow my account know this and probably get very tired of #bonniegracereyna photos galore. BUT, I see the bigger picture... 

Little, every day moments from our past 2.5 years have been beautifully documented in my favorite way. So neat! Ultimately, these photos are for me, for our family, and for Bonnie to see when she's older. But, onlookers and friends make it fun too. It's been interesting to see how my photos (life) have changed over the past few years. Nowadays, I have a hard time finding things to instagram that aren't Bonnie-related. But, that's life. It's beautiful. And, it's been my favorite season to date.