Bonnie Grace | Two Months

Happy 2 months, Bonnie Grace! Darling girl, this month, you have certainly charmed us with your sweet smile. Your coos and mini giggles bring me a smile so deep in my heart that I can hardly stand it. You also make the most exaggerated pouty lip face I've ever seen. It's both incredibly sad and incredibly adorable...

You weighed in at 10# 11.5oz and measured 22.75 inches long at your 2 month appointment. You took your shots like a champ with just a few whimpers. You're still following a nice eat, play, sleep schedule and you've been sleeping a seven-ish hour stretch quite consistently at night (which makes this mama soooo thankful & happy). You're mostly in 0-3 month and 3 month clothes and are rarely seen without a headband on your head.

You do a great job of falling asleep in your crib on your own after our night-time routine and have started dancing in your sleep. I find you in all sorts of different positions in the middle of the night and morning. I think you'll be quite the mover like your dad. When being held, you love to stand straight up. In fact, you seem to prefer it that way. When you're awake, you're very alert. Your bright blue eyes are breathtaking and so sweet. When you smile, you sometimes lean in toward whoever is making you smile... as if you can hardly contain your joy. Oh, I just love it. You've started talking to your toys on your play mat. It's quite sweet. You still aren't a fan of your car seat. We'll keep working on that though.

Even though your daddy has been away this month, you've been such a good girl for mama.  He'll be so surprised to see how big you are and how much you've changed in just a few week's time. My heart overflows with thankfulness. You're daddy and I are so very blessed call you our daughter.