Bonnie Grace | One Month

I'm only a month behind here, but better late than never! Here is Bonnie's one month update:

At one month, our sweet Bonnie was finally getting enough to eat without taking extra pumped milk via the bottle. She still fit into her newborn clothes, but also started wearing some 0-3 month sizes. Bonnie-girl went to the beach, stayed at both grandparent's houses, and met many new faces in her first month of life. She let us know that she prefers to be held upright on the shoulder and she learned to love her daily bath time very much. Bonbon loves being carried around in the Boba wrap and endures mama's coffee shop "work" sessions quite nicely all snuggled up (work=mostly photo editing and such... and lots of coffee of course!). She makes the cutest little bird screech when she's ready for a change (of positions, diaper change, etc.). This is how she earned her nickname of little "Birdy."

Though I'm over the moon in love with this little girl, there might be someone more in love with her, if that's even possible. That's right... her daddy.

You guys, it's precious. They are the best of buddies already and it simply melts my heart. Andrew likes to pick out Bon's outfits and even does a great job with matching headbands! What more could I ask for, right!?

It was a whirlwind of a first month, but in the best possible way. These crying pictures were just too funny and cute not to post; but I promise, she's really a happy baby! And, I'm really a happy mama. At one month, I was still quite foggy brained and sleep deprived, but all together happy and thankful. What a blessing you are, sweet Bonnie Grace. You're quite loved!