Season of Prayer

I have a feeling this year will fly by. Zoom by is more like it.

Last week, Andrew's residency applications were submitted and the calendar is already filling with scheduled interviews. With upcoming holidays, interview travels, and returning to work (in a few weeks), I find myself reverting back to my planning and future-oriented self.

Perhaps Fall seems to bring on the 'let's get organized' syndrome. So many years in school must have instilled that longing for routine and schedules. I recently found myself in the school supplies aisle at the store and couldn't help but buy a binder and those nice plastic sleeves. What to make? A family binder of course (You know.... all of those important documents need a proper home). 

In the midst of that planning and future focus, I'm wanting to do my best to take these days in full. To fill any empty minutes with positive thought and meditation-- with prayer of thanksgiving and with prayer for others. Since having Bonnie, and since feeling less and less zombie like with more sleep these past few weeks, I find my heart to be more filled with thankfulness. I find myself praying more and more each day. Seasons come and go. It only seems fitting that my heart is filled with thankfulness as Fall begins and thanksgiving draws near. What if you filled those few extra seconds or minutes with prayer? When the babe is crying the whole car ride (hoping we get over this car-seat hatred very soon!), and there's nothing to be done, it's all I can do to just pray. During those times, usually for her and her future. For our family. It lightens the mood. It's rather infectious actually. Turns out, God's a great listener. As Bonnie grows, I'm hoping she sees and learns that she can talk to her heavenly father any time in the day. Aloud, quietly, alone, with others...

All of this to say...  Time flies. Schedules fill. Days get busy. God is present. All the time. Prayer is powerful.

.... And...

This handsome man returns home very soon!