Bonnie Grace // 4 Months

Our sweet babe gets more darling by the day. She brings us so much joy and laughter that sometimes I cannot believe that she's ours. We went on a little get away this past month to the Mountain and Bonnie and I flew to visit family in Texas. Minus a few blow-outs on the plane, she was an incredible traveler. She has started to really move when playing on the floor. She spins on her tummy and can inch her way a few feet from where she started. We hope she's still a few more months away from really moving as our house is certainly not Bonnie-proof. I continue to work 2 twelve-hour shifts per week while she is watched by Andrew or my Mom. At this point, this still seems to be harder on me than on her. I ordered a high chair in anticipation of the whole eating real food transition that will happen in a couple of months. Neither of us are anywhere near ready for that yet, but we've begun practicing sitting and playing with spoons while watching mama cook.

All in all, we've had a great month; Bonnie is growing like a champ; and her laughter cracks me up (sometimes when we are cleaning up a poopy diaper mess, she thinks it's hilarious and just laughs and laughs... silly girl).

Bonnie Facts:

Wearing: 3 through 6 month clothes// Eating: milk ,milk, and more milk// Playing: With all sorts of toys, her "O" ball,  on her activity play mat, and with mama's face & hands// Reading: 'Mis Colores,' 'You are my I Love You' and 'Beginner's Bible' // New tricks: Rolling from back to tummy any time we put her on her back, pushing up like a "seal pup" & "talking" in a very high pitch tone// Growth: 13# 13oz & 25 inches long at her 4 month appointment//  Loving: Bouncing, listening to mama and daddy sing, tummy time, giggling, being read to, & bath time// Sleep: Half the time, she sleeps through the night, other times, she's up once or twice a night. Taking at least 3 good naps a day. She's such a great napper... I love it! // Not a fan: Overall, pretty happy little babe this past month!