Random Ramblings

Guess what happens when you set the alarm to wake up before baby but leave your phone in her room...

At least we know Bonnie can hear!

She makes a good alarm.

And.... We were late for my morning appointment. #momfail

In other news, Andrew was super-dad this weekend as I was at work. He also lost 3 pounds... literally.

As he was heading out of town, he asked if I'd miss him as much as I told him that I missed Bon while at work. I explained how it's just a different kind of missing because I feel like Bonnie needs me (with nursing and all). He then explained that he needs me too... 3 pounds down and all. At least one of us is losing weight...?

I guess it feels good to be needed. In the end, we all agreed we need each other.

I love my family.